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FlowerGirl Studios – The Cute Ensemble of Impact and Value

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“A picture tells a thousand words”….

In capturing moments of importance and beauty, photography helps people revisit memories in a way otherwise not possible. Simply put, photography grants people the ability to immortalize moments in time. But here’s the thing: it also helps us stay connected with our loved ones. There’s a creative petrolhead doing great things without any noise in the aquatic city of splendour, Lagos. The brilliant egghead is Solape Akinlaja who drives the collective process as head honcho and executive creative director at visual manifestation entity christened FlowerGirl Studios that’s nestled in the suburb of Ilupeju, Lagos.

She has an amazing eye and her style is very unique, she’s a trendsetter rather than a trend follower with her customized and niche window termed as the “Naked Truth” where she engineers therapy with her client to release the inner energy in them. Now it takes a lot of ingenuity to thread in this kind of wavelength, which is quite rare in the photography ecosystem.

Her candid takes on baby and family photos leaves all and sundry awestruck with an urge to come back for more. Her images and creative direction are vibrant and full of life. A recurring decimal for those who have been covered by the Sholape led FlowerGirl Studio lens include their resilience, energy and kindness. She is really liked, trusted individual who people turn to and has been a great role for budding photographers to follow.

The glow and wow factor is a characterization that defines FlowerGirl Studios with a mantra to create golden photographs that capture family connections. They are able to document beautiful moments that people will cherish forever. Sholape has gorgeous warm tones and executes the most stunning golden hour sessions that sweep discerning clients off their feet.

The meat herein is that FlowerGirl Studios allow their body of work to speak volumes about their artistic cum stunning family and newborn images. Their studio photographs are warm, tender and emotive with a brilliant melange of lights and relevant hues that deliver the icing on the cake.

What are you waiting for? Hit the phones to arrange a photo shoot session and witness the delights that these creative denizens offer without any stress to make their target audience full of smiles.

2 thoughts on “FlowerGirl Studios – The Cute Ensemble of Impact and Value”

  1. I love flower girls studio for their creativity, passion for what they do. Their service is top notch

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