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‘If you’re married to an actress, she’s cheating’ – Nigerian singer, Dmac Ysd rants

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Nigerian singer and entertainer, Dmac Ysd just took to Twitter to rant and share what seems to be a personal experience that’s not too pleasant for him.

In one of his numerous tweets, he wrote, ‘if you are dating or married to an actress, she definitely cheated and most likely is still cheating on you and that’s on caps! Don’t ask me how I know… I just know!’.

He went on to say, ‘I was never her boyfriend. My role from day 1 was that of a sugar daddy! #facts. Let’s have that on record and the conversation was never about feelings… it wasn’t transactional either. She was my baby and I cared deeply about her, I provided for her and even offered her advice with her boyfriend issues from time to time. I know my role and I play it well’.

Follow his thread below….

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