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Jays Million Makes A Hit Tune Out Of His New Single, ‘Life’

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Jays Millions’ early life as a music producer gives backing to why we have a hit tune in our hands that has us wondering where have you been all our lives!!! He has mastered the game diligently for years long enough for him to take his space in the Afrobeats category and also claim a fraction of Afropop as the definition of his sound. 

It will take us a long walk through the layers of Jays’ dexterity as a songwriter, singer and music producer which mount only on top of his background as an indigene of Owan local government, Edo state born to an intimate family that showed him so much support from way back till this moment. This goes on to also mark another factor of excellence in his craft.

Signed to a Sunmau Entertainment, a new firm seated in Lagos seeing to the affairs and management of Jays Million where he will be churning out more hit tunes following this new one titled ‘Life.’ 

Life is a track created undeniably with some female appeal spiced in it, but unlike all the other one million and one songs for the girls, Jays Million did a conscious thing to share an equal focus on living life to the fullest by experiencing pure energy. On the track, he takes pleasure in being a fresh young lover available for partying and making merry.

Jays made a well-garnished tune embedded with elements of amapiano, inviting kicks, and sounds giving off premium quality out of ‘Life’. It is a song with the potential to live rent-free in our heads especially.

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