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Mimi Yina: Nigeria’s New Fashion Force With a Bang

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Mimi Yina popularly known as Medlin boss is a fashion consultant, fashion label owner, brand infleucner and a busniness woman personified par excellence with interest in real estate. Unargualbly the most talked about fahion enterpreneur in Nigeria at the moment, the of CEO Medlin Couture has no doubt take the fashion business to another level with her innovative and groundbreaking ideas.

Born on August 10, 1982 into a family of 6, Mimi Yina Hails from Gboko Local Government in Benue state. Growing up in Benue was a beautiful and amazing experience as she got to learn the importance of love and care from her family and the beautiful culture of the state.

Mimi who has always being a fashionista as a kid before she ventured into fashion business as a student of University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) where she was studying Sociology. Her fashion brand came into being as a result of passion and drive for excellence. Medlin Boss as an undergraduate of Uniport would travel abroad on holidays and would return with lovely clothes and fashion accessories which she shopped for herself. Her schoolmates got fascinated about her unique outfits and would tell her help them buy whenever she goes on holidays. As a buniness oriented lady, she realised she could make make some fortune buying and selling quality clothes, hence, Medlin Couture came into fruition.

Medlin Boss would later set up a multi-millionaira fashion store at the heart of Port Harcourt after graduating from school. The store was a Mecca of sorts for fashion lovers. Also, celebrities from other parts of the country would sojourn into Garden City to be styled by Medlin head honcho.

After several years of playing big in Port Harcourt, Midelin Boss became so greatly sought after by the rich, high, mighty and celebrities in Lagos. She moved her business to Lagos in 2019 and today she’s calling the shot in Nigeria fashion industry.

Medlin Bos clientele includes Nollywood actors, music stars, famous reality TV personalities, TV hosts, captains of industry, top business man and women, politicians amongst others. With loads of clients in diaspora, Medlin Boss’ vision is to go global in the next few years.

The very passionate, driven and goal oriented woman was involved in The Voice Nigeria 2021Reality Show where she was saddled with the responsibility of fashion style of the judges and the host.

The beautiful lady is also a philantropist and women rights advocate who doesn’t shy away from lending her voice on social vices in Nigeria.

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