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‘The human doctrines of Churches Partly Responsible For Osinachi’s death’ – ODM Publisher, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

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Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe; a Christian minister, trained pharmacist and author who is the founder and senior pastor of Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry Worldwide and also the author of Our Daily Manna, a leading daily devotional has lent his voice to the controversies surrounding the death of gospel singer, Osinachi.

Osinachi, 42, was reported to have died from throat cancer after days on life support. However, soon after, various reports accused her husband of domestic violence. In his reaction, the respected man of God said, ‘so much has been said about Osinachi’s death, it’s truly painful and may her soul rest in peace. However, I Bishop Chris Kwakpove, I have been born again for 46 years, I gave my life to Christ on February 3rd 1976 and I’ve seen many things, I’ve gone through my own fair share of scars and battles which I believe everyone who has a destination mostly go through’.

He went on to say. ‘I have sufficient experience and I can talk on most subjects regarding the body of Christ today, there’s practically no man of God in this country I have not worked with  including Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Francis Wale Oke, Pastor Kumuyi and the likes’.

‘Now talking about Osinachi’s death, the doctrines of the church are partly responsible for the death of this great woman. To be clear, I’ve not said the Bible is responsible for her death, rather church doctrines because a doctrine is what each church carves out of the bible from their own understanding. for example, this issue of marriage, Osinachi at some point must have felt pressured to leave the marriage and maybe she would still be alive today if somebody did not tell her that if she leaves the marriage she’ll go to hell, which some churches are preaching’.

‘This issue of divorce, they’ve bastardized and misinterpreted it. In the Bible, Jesus said, if you divorce except for the sake of unfaithfulness, its adultery, but the question is this. Is adultery an unpardonable sin? Are we perfect to the flesh? Divorce is often a mistake, it only becomes wrong when it becomes a repetitive act of divorce from one person over and over again. Why do you scare people with your church doctrines? Some churches even go as far as saying a if a star like Osinachi  divorcees or separates, she won’t be invited to church programmes and ministrations any more, thereby creating unnecessary fear with their doctrines OUR of GROSS IGNORANCE.
Sadly, most pastors who preach these things can’t be blamed too because it’s their level of understanding of the bible and mostly what they have also been taught over the years’ he concluded.

If Osinachi had left that man, would she have died? Only God knows. With a violent partner, what divorce does is to protect you and as far as even getting you a restraining order. Many times I’ve had to counsel women to leave abusive marriages and they say to me, ‘haa, if they leave they’ll go to hell fire’. And i’m always shocked, asking them where they get this notion from, then they start calling the names of their churches and pastors. This really needs to change.

God does not judge the way humans judge. So I say again, doctrines killed Osinachi. she was afraid of what the church and people would say if she decided to LEAVE OR divorce. So i want to beg churches, please don’t create fear in people and preach what Jesus did not say. Many souls are still suffering in many homes because they feel their churches will stigmatize them, its time to stay with the word and not doctrines of men’.

5 thoughts on “‘The human doctrines of Churches Partly Responsible For Osinachi’s death’ – ODM Publisher, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe”

  1. Bishop what you are saying is very true, because there is no marraige in heaven, 1cor 13 talks about love, how can 2 grown ups come as onebody in marraige, then the other person is like a lion king to devour the wife to death and some preachers teaches about marraige as for better for waise, meanwhile Christ is the head of the church and man head of the family the wife he married is his helper not a ponch bag, enough of all this wickedness in some marriages. Counsellors and pastors have to correct this and teach about what the word of God says exactly about marraige

  2. Absolutely correct. More Grace Sir.
    It is high time We all stay with the TOTALITY OF THE WORD OF GOD

    1. Dr Bishop Chris you are right , if things can’t work right in marriages it’s better the couple are separated. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  3. I totally support your submission on this issue, the way most churches interpret the issue of divorce is worrisome. Even the book of Matthew gives condition for a divorce! Also Amos 3:3 says can two walk together unless they agree? So if there is no mutual agreement any longer in marriage, I don’t think walking out of such marriage is a sin.

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