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Liberian born model, actress and philanthropist, Miatta Borkai

The rising profile of Liberian born model, actress and philanthropist, Miatta Borkai taking America by storm

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The name Miatta Borkai is synonymous with alot of greatness and at every point, this multi talent beauty with brains never fails to prove her worth.

Miatta Borkai is a multi talented model, actress, chef, fashion blogger and philanthropist who hails from the west African country, Liberia.

In her words, ‘I’ve always been in front of the camera. Clearly, I love seeing myself on the big screen or in the palms of your hand. Seriously this is a childhood dream that has become a reality for me. I have always dreamt of the things I do now since I was a little girl’.  

Speaking more about her early days and acting career, Miatta said, ‘I’ve starred in few Liberian-based movies. Many people have asked if I attended performing arts school and the truth is I did not. Acting came naturally to me and when the opportunity presented itself to me to do my first movie, I did not hesitate to be part of the production. Upon release of the movie, I slowly became a household name. Since my first debut, we starred in two other movies’.

Telling the story of Miatta wouldn’t be complete without her modelling which she explains saying, ‘In addition to my acting career, I have done a lot of modelling contracts. I had the privilege of working with many local photographers, beauticians, fashion designer services as their model for their brand/products. I will be sharing some of my work with you all. I love Fashion. Fashion is my life. I don’t wear name brand clothing often. I put together pieces that make you think that I am made of money. Fashion is not about the money you pay for clothes, it is about how you feel in your clothes (the confidence it gives you) and how people perceive what you are wearing’.

‘Can I really talk about myself and not include food? I mean that’s one of my favourite habits that has basically become a major part of my day to day activities.  I love cooking so much, that my family and friends tease me saying do I not get tired of cooking and feeding them with various dishes? Well, just so you know you can’t catch me unaware… I always have a delicacy waiting. This same passion has materialized into making cuisine shows and lot’s more. I want you to benefit and enjoy delicacies yourself so, I’m willing to share my recipes and show you how I make my dishes. I’m sure you love that? Miatta is your girl for tasty meals recipe. To be at the front seat of all my exclusive contents that I will be dropping please subscribe and also don’t forget to leave a comment and invite friends. Cooking is fun to me and I want us all to have fun as we learn off one another. You can also leave suggestions on meals you feel I should try out and I’d sure pick some of them’.

Not resting on her oars, Miatta is committed to helping the African girl child and women achieve their limitless potentials and in the coming weeks will be unveiling a tailor-made plan to achieve this purpose.

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